Introductory Neuroscience (BS357)



Prof. Walton Jones
Office: E6-3, Room 5210

Course description

This course will provide you with a foundational understanding of neuroscience. We will cover basic neuronal physiology, the structure and function of the CNS and PNS, including sensory systems and higher level cognition.


2:30-4:00 PM, M/W


Building E11, Room 205


Physiology of Behavior by Neil Carlson.


  1. Attendance — 10%
    • Six unexcused absences will earn you an F.
  2. Collaborative Class Notes Wiki — 20%
  3. Midterm and Final exams — 70% (35% each)

I will grade you on a straight scale with 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% guaranteeing A-, B-, C-, and D- respectively. At the end of the semester, I will make global adjustments to everyone’s grades to normalize for yearly variation in course difficulty as well as student effort and ability.


I reserve the right to modify this syllabus at anytime, but I will do my best to warn you about any changes.