General Biology (BS120)



Prof. Walton Jones
Office: E6-3, Room 5210

Course description

This course will be run under the KAIST Education 3.0 program. You will be expected to watch recorded video lectures on your own time before coming to class and turn in hand-written summaries of each chapter. In class, you will be divided into small groups to answer questions, engage in discussions supporting the material provided in the video lectures, and complete short problem sets.

Teaching Assistants


Lectures will be provided online and students are expected to watch a given week’s lecture(s) and prepare their hand-written summaries before attending the in-class discussion session.

This class is large and our classroom is small, so students will be divided into groups. Students are expected to attend only one discussion section per week. Half of the class will attend on Tuesdays and half on Thursdays. Student group assignments will be announced via e-mail prior to the first class.

2:30-4:00 PM, T/Th


Building E3-1, Room 1104


Biology. Brooker et al. 3rd ed. McGraw-Hill Higher Ed. 2014. (Older editions are fine.)


  1. Attendance — 10%
    • You will lose 2% of your grade for every unexcused absence.
    • Being more than 10 minutes late will count as an absence.
    • Six unexcused absences will earn you an automatic F.
  2. TA assigned points based on chapter summaries, in-class activities, and participation - 20%
  3. Midterm and Final exams — 70% (35% each)